Thursday, October 17, 2013

This and That

1. Zackary had a little minor surgery this morning. Ty was there to do the anesthesia! Everything went well and Zack is home! The surgery was to remove old tubes and scar tissue inside of his ears.

2. My mom and brother came over to deliver toys to Zackary and say hello. Together we ate everything in my kitchen. It's always nice to have someone share the guilt with you.

3. On that note:

4. I am really enjoying NOT driving the carpool this week.

6. I am looking forward to finishing homework tonight and getting ready for the weekend!


  1. Poor Zack! Cool that his daddy was the one to put him to sleep.Have a fun weekend. You totally should come visit us!!!

  2. Poor little guy! Hope the recovery is all going well! How fun to have his Daddy in there with him!