Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Utah Trip Summer 2016

 We went to Utah! We had an awesome time and saw some amazing things. We finally ate at The Pie in Salt Lake (where this picture was taken) I have heard for a long time that it has the best pizza in Utah and it did not disappoint!
 We drove clear up to the top of the state and even into Idaho to visit Bear Lake. This was our view from our little condo.

 It was beautiful! The skies were very blue while we were there. I was able to enjoy some great morning runs through the town. The altitude almost killed me but I loved the sightseeing part of it. Running in a new place is a great way to see some things you wouldn't get to see.
 We visited the lake. Max discovered a deep love for kayaking.
 Here is Zackary sneaking up on Max like the creature from the black lagoon :)
 On our way back to Payson from Bear Lake we decided to do a little temple hopping. We stopped in logan, but I was not in picture taking mode yet and so....no Logan temple pictures! I started documenting once we got to Brigham City.

 We walked around the temple and visited the old tabernacle.
 It was a seriously beautiful sight!  Another beautiful sight.....
 My love and my minions!
After Brigham City we stopped in Salt Lake. Returning to the temple where Ty and I were married 13 years ago!
I am always amazed by the beauty of this building.
  It was a hot day and the kids were troopers as we dragged them all over temple square!

 We loved the visitor's center! I wanted the kids to see the Christus statue. I just loved being there. It is a special place.

 There were some really neat displays downstairs from the statue and we took our time to enjoy them. There was one all about prophets. Both ancient and modern, and another all about service and the humanitarian efforts of the church. I loved them all!
 Just as we were leaving we found this display featuring Truman O. Angel. He was the architect of the Salt Lake Temple and just happens to be Ty's great great great grandfather! I had to take a side by side to compare. Pretty neat.
The rest of the trip included Father's Day at Ty's parents house. I was able to make the traditional Father's Day breakfast of crepes with berries and nutella for Ty. We enjoyed pie with the rest of the family that evening. We drove home Monday.....so much driving! We were greeted upon arrival by a record heat wave in southern California. Temperatures up to 120! I don't know why we live here.....Oh well! Happy to be home!


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