Thursday, June 9, 2016


Max and his good friend, Tanner, decided they needed to have a lemonade stand! We have never tried a stand before and I was really not too keen on the whole idea, but the boys were determined, and somehow they talked me into it.
They painted a sign and cleaned the table. I made cookies, lemonade, went to the bank for quarters, donated time, money, that they could have an independent lemonade stand and make money all on their own!
Oh well....I am just glad they are having some good clean fun this summer.

(We really need this song playing outside with the boys: )


  1. Lol Jessica, my friends son (who is 14) is saving up for a ps4 and its costing my friend a fortune in jobs. The lawn has never been so mowed, the doors are all painted, no odd job is too small haha. Its all about the work ethic though right?