Tuesday, May 17, 2016


 This past weekend was our ward's annual Fathers and Son's Campout. Ty took the boys for a night under the stars and I got to stay and play with the girls! I was getting over being sick, so we kept it low key on Friday night. We made a fort upstairs and made mini s'mores. 
 In the morning we headed to the library. They were having a big book sale and we were able to fill this box with books and pay just $2 for the lot. The girls were super excited to pick out whatever they wanted! The boys were home by noon and it was back to life as usual.....just with a little more laundry and dirt to attend to! 
Zoey and I went to Redlands to visit my mom. We came home with a big bag of oranges. Juicing oranges is a perfect job for kids. Zoey was happy to do it! She juiced all of the oranges and we had enough juice to make orange julius for everyone in the family. She is so awesome!


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