Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Life Lately

 Baskin Robbins opened a shop not far from us a few weeks ago. Zoey is quite smitten and asks to go to the ice cream store often. Her go to flavor is the rainbow sherbet. I am sure one day she will discover the joy that is chocolate ice cream, but until then, rainbow it is!
 Ty and I went out for mexican food and Ty ordered the largest burrito ever in the history of mankind. It was filled with chile rellenos, meat, beans, rice, cheese, and topped with fried eggs. 
 I made lots of cookies and I will be making more!
 We are having a bishopric social on Sunday and I am in charge of cookies. 

I took the kids to IHOP for national pancake day. 
 Free pancakes all around and there was much rejoicing.
 Mia participated in the school's wax museum project. She was Miss Annie Oakley.
 We had a great time studying Annie Oakley and getting ready for this project. What a neat gal she was!
 Zoey and I have been spending a good amount of time at the park. It is such a lovely break in the day to get outside and enjoy some quiet and fresh air.
 Bubbles at the park are fun too!

 Zoey has a massive Hello Kitty kite. We took it out to fly it last week. It got pretty high into the sky! 
 The kids and I have had a lot of meals on our own lately. I used to never make a meal if Ty wasn't around, but he has been so busy it has kind of become our normal.
 This was orange chicken and rice on Sunday.

Daylight savings time has caused us lots of sleepy mornings! We are ready for a week off from school next week!


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