Friday, February 26, 2016

This Week

 Strawberries went on sale.....for the first time in forever!
It was time for pie!
 Whipped cream was involved and there was much rejoicing.

Zackary came down with the flu. He missed 3 days of school! He spent 2 days at home with a fever, aches, and chills. It was very sad. Day 3 was a recovery day and since he was doing so much better he joined Zoey for a little bit of school time fun.
 We worked on numbers, letters, and sight words. Then we read stories and completed a few puzzles.
It was fun to have Zack join us!
 Ty has been busy at work all week long. We are excited for the weekend, but as usual, I know it will be over before we know it! Ty signed us up to clean the church tomorrow and Mia has a stake achievement days event to attend. I would love to make it out to Trader Joe's and do a D.I. drop as well.... Saturdays have to be so busy, because Sundays are special! Looking forward to Sunday especially! Ty is not on call so hopefully we can spend the evening together....relaxing on the couch and watching Mr. Bean with the kids.


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