Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Spring Break Fun

Ty is working this week so the kids and I are making our own fun around town. Yesterday we went on a little adventure just behind our neighborhood.
 It was a cold and windy, but beautiful day!
 It was good to be outside in the quiet...away from the screens. Screen free time is so important!
 After the walk we stopped at the park.
 The kids played for a while and then Mia came and sat in the grass with me. I read to her from "Farmer Boy" for over an hour! She loved it! I am excited to get her interested in the Little House series.
 We read more in the evening while we waited for our chocolate chip cookies to bake. I tried a new recipe last night and it had great potential! It needs some twerking, but I think I can make them perfect next time.
 Today started with seems to be the favorite breakfast. I think the kids are just anxious to start the day and want something they can gulp down and run!
Max will be meeting a friend later to play. I think we may pick up some Easter treats for the weekend. I am kind of behind on my planning this year!
I am really going to miss Spring Break when my alarm goes off on Monday morning!


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