Sunday, March 1, 2015


 Zack wants us to buy all the apps.
 We finally tried out Papa Murphy's Pizza and we really love it....(especially the cinnamon roll pizza! Leftovers make an awesome breakfast.)
 Zackary in the car before school.
 He thinks he is hilarious.
 Max wrote a story that was chosen to be made into a short play at school. It was about a boy who made friends with a tree. It was really cute!
 Zoey needs her tiara, suitcase, and coat all the time. She believes in being prepared.
 For Max's blue and gold banquet we were supposed to make a cake and decorate it using a camping theme. I melted down orange and red hard candies and made a campfire cake. (Of course I had food network on the television while I worked. Those are my people!)


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