Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday Again

This week:
 Zoey joined me in the kitchen. I was baking cookies and she threw a bunch of ingredients into a bowl to create her own snack mix. She ended up with rice krispies cereal, dried cherries, chocolate covered pretzels, and almonds. Not bad!
 The cookies were good too!

Ty and I dove in and helped Max with his mission project.
 4th graders in California spend some time studying all of the California missions and they finish their studies by building one of the missions.
 Max was assigned the mission in Carmel by the sea....San Carlos Borromeo...It happens to be the one mission he has ever visited in person.
 Ty did a great job planning our model. He and Max put the mission together and then Max and I got to work on the details!
 I am very happy with how the mission turned out...I think Max is too! We are very excited to turn the project in and take a break from mission building for 2 more years until Mia will be doing one of her own!
We are excited for the weekend. Max has an honor band performance at the high school tomorrow. There will be judges! I am sure they will do great :)


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