Thursday, March 26, 2015

Beach Day!

 This post includes absolutely zero pictures of our time at the beach, but you must believe that it did happen!
I forgot my camera, and I didn't want to bring my phone to the beach because I was worried it would somehow get filled with sand, so I just enjoyed the beach day!
We went to Laguna. Max, Mia, and Zoey were in the water the entire time! Zoey kept asking Ty for more adventures in the waves! Zack is my sand buddy. He hates the water. He kept busy building castles and digging for treasure.
After the beach we always head to Newport for Sprinkles Cupcakes!
 They are the very best....just ask Zack.
Zack will not eat cake or cupcakes at any place or from anywhere except for Sprinkles cupcakes.
 Zack and Zoey picked out vanilla cupcakes with vanilla frosting.
 Mia and Max got vanilla cupcakes with chocolate frosting.
 Ty chose a dark chocolate cupcake with dark chocolate frosting and I went with a salted caramel cupcake. I think I won :)
 My kids are adorable and the cupcakes made them goofy.

 We had a wonderful time. The weather could not have been better! Not a bit overcast and not too warm.
This was Zoey on the drive home. She was worn out!


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