Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday :)

Friday has arrived, and so has the rain! It is wet and cold. I dropped Max and Mia off at school and then Zack and I headed to Starbucks for hot chocolate. I had planned on making a quick trip through the drive thru but I guess everyone else in town had the same idea. The line of cars was tangled through the parking lot. We parked and ran inside quickly. (rain + hair = frizz)
Starbucks is a happy place. Right now the store is filled with holiday decorations and gifts. The people inside were warm and friendly. The hot chocolate was delightful! It was a great start to my weekend and a perfect kick-off for the Christmas season. (tomorrow is December 1st you know...time to get the holly jolly started!)

I have a feeling a batch of these would help with the merry making.

I need caramel sauce ASAP!

Have a lovely weekend :)


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