Monday, August 1, 2016


The boys are away with friends today! They are swimming and bowling and having a good time so the girls and I aren't feeling bad about having fun without them while they are gone!
 Zoey found a furry friend at the bike shop.....we spend a lot of time there now that Ty is an ultimate trail rider.
 We found out this morning that Zoey will be in early bird T-K starting next Monday! To celebrate we picked out some new shoes and a new shirt to wear on the first day. (she is wearing the shirt now, but that's ok!) I was super excited about the tiny pair of TOMs shoes we found for her!
 We picked up some canvas while we were out and the girls worked on artwork for their bedrooms. We always listen to Disney music while we paint. 
This picture does not at all represent the happiness we were  all feeling about enjoying berries and nutella for lunch. 
I do so love my little girls. These happy days are so precious! 


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