Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Bears......and a fun day!

 Zackary was invited to spend yesterday on the lake with a friend. He had a blast! While he was gone Ty and I took the other kids up to Oak Glen. We just happened to stumble upon a big momma bear with her two cubs! We climbed into the van and watched them from inside.
 I don't mind bears so much as long as we are inside of our getaway vehicle.
 Then we played and picnicked at the park. It was hot, but not as hot as it was at home!
 Max and Mia play so well together sometimes! 
 After Zack came home Ty and I went to the temple. The kids swam at my parent's pool while we were gone. We finished our evening at Eureka Burger with friends. Truffle fries forever.


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