Monday, July 20, 2015

Life Lately

We had a party for my little niece, Kaylee. We brought the cupcakes!
Chocolate cupcakes topped with ganache and different candy combinations.
 Tonight we are having a special Pioneer Day celebration for Family Home Evening.
It involves this little homeade tabletop campfire.
 The kids and I took advantage of the cool weather and drove to Oak Glen.
 It was seriously chilly! Hard to believe it is the end of July.
 We visited the friendly goats.
Then we wandered over to the little candy store.
 Everyone picked out a treat. Zoey got a few candy sticks.
 Mia got a combination of rock candy and jelly beans.
 Max got a chocolate covered marshmallow.
 Zackary got himself a good old fashioned, lik n stick. They are his very favorite!
I got myself some chocolate covered cashews.
It was the perfect little adventure for our Monday.

3 more weeks of summer left until school starts again. We are trying to take advantage of the fun time!


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