Monday, July 13, 2015

Hauling Hay in Utah

We went to Utah for the annual Newman reunion. We stayed with Ty's parents in Payson. We were only able to stay for a few days so we made the most of our time.
 We tried to hit a few of our favorite Utah restaurants. We started with Taco Time and the next day stopped at Slab Pizza. We took the kids to the Museum of Natural Curiosity in Lehi. We picked up a beautiful white dress for Mia to wear at her baptism later this year.
 On Saturday, Ty and all of his brothers got together early in the morning to haul hay on his parent's land. Ty and his brother Cole had to borrow clothes from their dad for the job.
They looked great!
 It was a beautiful day and the guys all worked really hard!
 They got the job done in less than an hour.

 I love my part-time cowboy husband. I suppose hay hauling is a good life skill.
We drove home on Sunday. It was a super fast trip, but we had a wonderful time!


  1. You're amazing! It was so good to see all of you -aren't our guys so cute :D awesome pics!