Friday, January 9, 2015

This Week

 It was another busy week for us!
Max advanced into the district honor band. I am so happy for him, but this does mean yet another day of band practices and this one is at a different school. I planned to drop Max off for his first rehearsal and then come home with the other kids, but we were thrilled to find a park just across the street where we could play while Max was working!
 Max's first concert will be the 20th of this month. We are very excited!

Zoey's favorite toy from Christmas is this funny Kitty doll.
 She sleeps with it in her bed and brings it with her basically everywhere. It is a very good friend!

Homework this week was a report on Cheetahs for Zack, a report on Abraham Lincoln for Max, and creating math story problems for Mia.

I am ready for the weekend! Tonight we are making Pizza Waffles for dinner and I am hoping to find a movie worth watching together on Netflix. last weekend we watched Pippi Longstocking and the kids loved it!

Happy Weekend!


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