Friday, January 8, 2016

Christmas Cake and Cute Girls

 On Christmas Day we had dinner at my parent's house. Dessert was a giant chocolate cake! I think Ty ate one piece from it that night and we took the rest home with us. After a few days it had still hardly been touched. day....Max's friend Tanner came to play. I was upstairs and the boys asked if they could have some cake. I told them to help themselves. When I came downstairs this was all that was left!
 Now onto something completely different.....The other day the girls ended up dressing like twins! It was unplanned and super fun. We decided to do a quick photo shoot. Mia is 8 and Zoey is 4. Zoey adores Mia and loves her more than anyone else in the world. I hope they stay friends forever! 


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