Tuesday, August 25, 2015

B is for Bear

 This week we are focusing on the letter B!
 Zoey is getting better at writing her own name, and we are working on tracing.
We read "We're Going on a Bear Hunt", and watched it performed by the author online.
 We made a map and put together a pair of toilet paper roll binoculars so that we could go on a bear hunt of our very own. This activity was a huge hit and we did it several times throughout the morning.
 Zoey did a little painting.
 This is her little letter b and big letter B, side by side.
School is going well for Zoey!
The big kids are enjoying their classes as well. Mia brought home her first homework of the year yesterday. We were kind of sad, but we got it done quickly! It looks like Max will be reading a lot this year and doing lots of projects with not so much busy work homework.
The weather has been hot hot hot! I am ignoring it though, and dreaming of fall.


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